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Fall 2019

Because Nashville Soccer United prides itself on teaching the love of the beautiful game at minimal cost, we’d like to share insight into why player season cost has increased slightly this season.

Since our club was founded in 2010, we have not raised costs for NSU families – even as player costs, field costs and league participation fees have increased for our organization. (All cost controls for the aforementioned line items are dictated by other local and state governing bodies.)

We stand firm in not passing on the entirety of these organizational expenses to NSU families, however, we do need to adjust our pricing structure to accommodate some of these external cost increases.

That said, this season we are also:

• Expanding our use of various in-town fields

• Introducing more professionally-credentialed coaches

• Adding NSU coaches to Crockett games to ensure consistency in player development from the training field to game situations

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of NSU players. You, your sons and daughters make Nashville Soccer United a truly unique experience for kids throughout the city to enjoy a simple game with a ball.